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What Ammo Should You Choose for Pheasant Hunting?

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You should use right kind of shotgun and other ammunition so that pheasant hunting can be done in a very successful way. The ammo should be selected as per your lifestyle. 12 gauge shotshell has the capability to carry heavier payload than any other gauge. The gun offers great flexibility. The 12 gauge shotgun can be used for light load for preserve hunting as well as heavy load for long-range gunning. The handling of the gun will be very easy when you go for 12 gauge guns.

The handle and feel offered by 20 gauge gun is very different. You can manage variety of loads with this kind of gun.

Best Choice are Upland Shotshells

You can go for upland loads of premium brand which are perfect choice for game-specific upland shotshells. The available gauge will be 12 guage and above. The shot size options range from BB’s to 9s. These guns can be used for quails and farm predators as well. The upland bird hunting will be done in the best possible way without any issues.

These shotshells offer very high speed and long range capabilities. The pheasant hunting can be done in a very efficient way by using these versatile shotshells. The standard high base payloads are 12, 16 and 20 gauge. They come with ‘power piston’ feature as well. You can also go for handgun ammunition, centerfire ammo and rimfire ammo as per your needs.

Before using ammo, you should want to take hunting permit in your state. You can enroll in a club so that the usage of the gun can be learnt. The gun and shells that you select should be affordable and durable. You should be able to carry them without any difficulty and the hunting should be an experience of great pleasure.

Updated: December 2, 2015 — 4:39 pm

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