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What About Hunting Pheasant Alone?

take hunting, come alone

Hunting pheasants alone cannot be a gigantic task provided you are equipped with right kind of tools and skills. The tips offered by experts can be taken into consideration so that there will be great satisfaction. You should be able to identify pieces of cover of high percentage.

When you hunt pheasants alone, the best time would be the late in season. The temperature should be low and the weather should be tacky. In these conditions, it is possible to predict the location of birds very easily.

You might be tempted to work on small patches of cover when you are hunting alone. However, if you move to locations where the odds of finding birds are very high, you can target high-percentage areas within big pieces of cover. The dog can help you in this context by smelling the presence of birds. A well trained dog will be very much useful when you go on solo pheasant hunting.

High Percentage Areas

Areas that separate food from cover are the highest percentage areas for hunting alone. If you are able to figure out the location the birds are trying to escape, you will be able to chase them in a very efficient way.

In most of the cases, birds would like to move to the shelter. If the birds are located in the area where the food is available, you should be positioned in between the food and cover so that the hunting will be highly successful. When the birds are present in the corn, you can shot to flush them out. When birds move out towards the shelter, you can shot them.

Evening time should be selected when you hunt alone. During evenings, birds will move from feeding area to cover. Hence, you can shot and catch birds to the highest possible extent during evening sessions. You can find more birds walking along the seam. Even though the environmental conditions are not good, you can find more birds before the dark so that the hunting session will be very short and successful.

Keep Quiet

In order to hunt pheasants in the best possible way, you should stay quiet. The hunting should take place in the upwind direction. If you go through the upwind direction, the dog can smell very easily. You can also move closer to pheasants in disguise.

Going Even Further – Hunting Without a Dog

You can also hunt without a dog.  In such cases, you should be prepared to perform the double duty. The very best strategy should be implemented so that you can make the most of your hunting. By hunting prior to the storm or after the storm, you can take odds in your favor. If there is heavy snow, birds will remain in cover.

You can implement walking and stopping technique so that birds will be flushed within the range. If you move to the end of the cover, there will be muzzle control and the footing will be done very efficiently.

If you are hunting on your own, you should choose a thicket that is the size of a room. If you choose large size, birds will move into the middle. If you choose small size, they will flush out very easily.

On Bluebird days, birds will squirt out. They will come out quick. If there is heavy snowfall, birds will be under the cover. You should maintain stealth mode so that birds can be tracked and hunted very efficiently. The pace and direction of travel should be mixed. The shotgun should be ready and it should be fired at right time. Thus, you can flush birds directly under your boots.

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