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The Role Of Bird Dogs In Pheasant Hunting

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Pheasant hunting is a thrilling experience. In order to make the most of the hunting, you should be trained and educated about the hobby. If you have access to right kind of tools, equipment and aids, there will be highest level of satisfaction. Even though bird dog is not a compulsion, it will help you find live birds and downed birds can be collected very easily.

Different Breeds Of Bird Dogs

There are different kinds of dogs which can ease your pheasant hunting process. Some of the common breeds are German Shorthairs, Weimaraners, Spaniels, English Pointers and Labrador Retrievers.

  • Flusher is the most common bird dog. Upland birds can be hunted very efficiently by using the flusher. They will use their eyes and noise every effectively so that birds will be traced very accurate and they will be fetched for the owners very quickly.
  • Brittany Pointer is a breed which works closer to the hunter. It will help in playing wild game very quickly. They have very thick coat.
  • If you go for Retriever, you can focus on shooting. The retrieval is completely taken care of by the dog. The dog can bring out birds from hedges and grooves as well.
  • German wirehaired pointer is a very nice dog. It can be used to hunt any kind of bird and the retriever and flusher dog characteristics are found in this dog. The dog will satisfy the hunter to the full potential extent so that there will be great peace of mind to the hunter.

Before You Go Hunting With Your Dog

The dog should undergo obedience training. The output delivered by the dog is directly proportional to the input given to the dog. By using a gun dog, small game animals can be retrieved very easily. If you choose a dog which has natural feel for the sport, you will be able to understand about the dog very easily and it can be trained very quickly.

The dog should be diligent. If the dog is to be diligent, the owner should train the dog in a most efficient way. The owner of the dog should know its limits. The rules should be conveyed to the dog properly. The ‘fetch’, ‘stay’ and ‘retrieve’ commands given by the hunter will be processed by the dog in a very efficient way. You should use specific words for training the dog. Those words should be used exactly with the dog so that there will not be any confusion.

The dog should be trained pre-season as well as during the season. You should choose right dog for right style of functioning. The caring of the dog should take place so that the dog will perform required operations without any issues. The hunting will be very successful and it will be the most enjoyable experience when you have a great aid in the form of bird dog. You are required to use other accessories, clothing, guns and other items as well so that there will be great satisfaction.

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