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Pheasant Hunting: When Is Best Time?

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Before hunting for pheasants, you should be aware of state regulations. Depending upon the location you live, you are required to tag your location. The hunting license should be taken. Some state stipulate hunting education as well. You should be aware of the load and firearms. The locality’s rule regarding age should be noticed. It is possible to carry out hunting very easily by having necessary accessories. The time of the day and season are also very much important in this context. If you take the help of private hunting clubs, you will get plenty of information about location, type of birds and arrangement of guide.

What Time Of Day To Hunt Them?

You will hunt during late fall and early winter in general. The dates will change based on the location. If you hunt after the first spell of cold, it is possible to find large number of pheasants very easily. You can track pheasants in mud and snow as well.

There should be focus to hunt either early in the morning or during twilight hours. During these periods, the birds will move out to find food as there will be lighter cover. Hence, you can spot them more easily.

The hunting can be carried out near water resources. In this context, you can take advantage of natural as well as man-made water resources. In most of the cases, birds will gather near water if the weather condition is dry.

Location Specific Time Periods

The time of hunting varies from one location to another location. For example, the most ideal time in South Dakota is in between November 30 and December 7. There will be great rewarding pheasant hunting experience in between Thanksgiving and Christmas period. There will be great competition for hunting during the opening weeks of October.

The ideal time for hunting in North Dakota is in between November 13 and November 20. There will be erratic weather conditions during this period. In some cases, it is easy to deal to with bad weather than to deal with many hunters.

In Minnesota, the pheasant hunting season lies in between November 11 and November 17. The opening weeks should be avoided. However, you should not postpone too longer as the weather conditions will not be conducive. You can set your hunting session after the crowds are cleared and crops are harvested.

The most possible hunting period in Montana is in between December 25 and January 1. During the season, birds are more concentrated in heavier cover. If you venture during the last days of hunting season, it will be very difficult to hunt as birds will flush out of the cover very easily. The winter season in Montana varies from year to year. If you hunt in the end of the season, there will be lot of snow and you should overcome cold climatic conditions as well. If there is right amount of snow cover, it is possible to hunt pheasants in a very efficient manner.

If you would like to hunt in Kansas, you should be vigilant about the snow covering during the night.  The next day morning can be planned for hunting. There will be first snow during the Thanksgiving. The frequency and level of snow varies every year. You should hunt in a very smart way by taking advantage of the available data and location of food sources.

The first two weeks of November should be allotted for hunting in Iowa. As per the past data of 10 years, 35% of roosters are found in the first nine days of the hunting season. 75% of the birds are harvested by the first week of December.

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