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Finally a place where all the bird brains (bird hunting brains—that is!) can get the information they want when they want it. Real and Raw Pheasant Hunting is the first and only place on the web that talks about pheasant hunting and all there is to know about it.


Honest Reviews from Experts and Enthusiasts


At Real and Raw, we will be giving unbiased reviews for the best equipment, lodges and service providers so you can plan all of your hunting trips with relative ease. Have to plan a 3 day 4 night trip in less than 24 hours? We have all the information you need so you can choose the best service providers in your area and elsewhere. No more having to scour the internet for contact details or call friends for recommendations, all the information you will need for your trip will be found in the website.


We also have reviews about guns, hunting apparel, shooting gloves, bird carriers and just about anything and everything you will need on a hunting trip. Aside from the technical side of things, the reviews on this website really are written by people who enjoy pheasant hunting so you can be sure that these reviews are written BY guys who love to hunt FOR guys who love to hunt.


The Latest News on Pheasant Hunting


The website is regularly updated with new information about the best spots to hunt any time of the year. We certainly can’t predict how each pheasant hunting season will go in every area but the online community at Real and Raw will give you up to date information about how pheasant season is going at your favorite hunting grounds.


We’ll also be regularly posting any pheasant hunting related news and content. Making sure our readers are up to date with the latest trends and technologies.


Pheasant Hunting Beginner’s Paradise


Starting any sort of hobby can be a bit daunting sometimes, especially if you don’t have buddies around you who can guide you through it.


Real and Raw Pheasant Hunting is also one of the best places to get information if you’re contemplating making a hobby out of hunting. All first timers are welcome and the wealth of easy to read information in the website will make you early education in pheasant hunting a fun one! Filled with easy to understand how-to articles and articles about the basics of pheasant hunting, you certainly won’t feel out of place here.


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