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5 Most Important Factors For Successful Pheasant Hunting Trip

pheasant hunting success

If you follow these 5 steps you can have a successful day like this too.

Pheasant hunting will be highly successful when you are aware of the important factors that influence your hunting. You should know the basics about pheasant hunting. If you are hunting for the very first time, great research should be done. There should be proper education and training about pheasant training so that you can make the most of your investment. There are many pheasant hunting hobbyists in US. It will be great fun when you have access to best great and accessories. The approach should be well planned. The timing should be perfect so that you can make the most of your efforts.

Selection of ammo

The ammo for pheasant hunting should be selected very carefully. They should be as per the guidelines given by the licensing authorities. The selection of shotguns should be done as per the preference. There are hunters who go with 0.410 guns as well. Most of the pheasant hunters manage operations by using 12 gauge shotguns. If you possess 20 gauge shotgun, it is possible to manage any kind of operation without any issues.

There are shells of different lengths. If you manage shells of longer length, more powder can be filled. Most of the hunters go for 3.5” shells.


Pheasant hunting season was instituted to manage pheasants in a very efficient way. By proclaiming a time, it is possible to ensure that the pheasants will survive and they will not be endangered. In most of the places, the pheasant hunting takes place in between 1st of October and 1st of February. You can hunt only roosters during the pheasant hunting season.

Right gear

In addition to ammo, you should posses other great such as vest, boots and accessories so that hunting will be pleasurable and successful. In order to hunt in the best possible way, you should be equipped with vests that give great warmth. They should be bright in color (orange) so that you will be identified by other hunters very easily. There should be sufficient pockets in the vest so that you can carry water bottles and other ammo as per your needs.

Determine a Pattern

The type of choke to use in your shotgun is another important factor in hunting pheasants. The choke and load varies as per the gun type. You can create many combinations and you can work out on best combinations so that great results are achieved.

If you opt for full choke, tight pattern of pellets will be delivered. If there is wide open choke, you will create wide pattern and it is possible to hit more birds than ever before. After practicing for some time, you will understand the best shooting styles and you will learn about chokes without fail.

Hunting strategy

The hunting strategy should be implemented by pheasant hunters. Experienced hunters will move out long before the beginning of the hunting season. You can move with your dog or move with other hunters so that pheasant hunting will be successful. You can go for point or flush hunting as per your convenience.

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